Kaolack Summer School for Girls

Families in Senegal often require girls to stay home from school to do chores. This leads to educational gaps making it less likely for the girls to pass the national Secondary School Entrance Examination and often leads to poor performance for those in secondary school. This frustrates many girls who have dreams and aspirations that require them to graduate from secondary school. The Kaolack Summer School for Girls (KSSG), is dedicated to preparing girls to succeed on the Secondary School Entrance Examination. In addition KSSG provides assistance to girls already in secondary school who hope to achieve more in school. Any girl in the Kaolack region in grades 6-12 may enroll in KSSG free of charge. KSSG is taught exclusively by female teachers leading to a more comfortable academic setting than provided by public school. The female teachers also serve as positive role models for the girls.

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