ELEVEate is a remarkable success story. By intervening at critical moments in the lives of schoolgirls and young women, ELEVEate is doing the right thing, working with the right people in the right place at the right time.
–Tyler Dickovick, Professor of International Politics, and Poverty Studies


“As someone with broad experience in international development, I have often citied access to education as one of the most essential tools for providing poor people with opportunities to improve their circumstances. ELEVEate offers an extraordinarily cost effective means of delivering access to education to girls in Senegal.”
–Bruce McQueen, President – International Project Resources, Inc., and Senior Consultant at BearingPoint


“I have seen poverty and human depreivation across the globe. However, I only teach about development – ELEVEate is actually doing something about it!”
–Niels-Hugo Blunch, Professor of Development Economics, Washington and Lee University


ELEVEate is a trustworthy organization with low overhead, making interventions designed to produce a lifetime of success and self-sufficiency for young girls and their communities – so we are happy to be counted among its many donors.”
–Jon Eastwood and Maria Nava


“I am proud to donate to ELEVEate. It’s a brilliant example of how a small-seeming effort at the right place and time — like obtaining a birth certificate for a young girl in a developing country — can make a big difference in the long run.”
–Simon Levy, Professor of Computer Science and Linguistics, Washington and Lee University

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